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    Phoenix Zoo teams up with water conservation group. via Laura Stewart

    The Phoenix Zoo has teamed up with water conservation advocacy group Water Use It Wisely. Water Use It Wisely, is an excellent wealth of information on simple water saving tips that the whole family can use, and specifically breaks it down to different regions in the country so you can see what water saving techniques are good in your area. There is a list of over 100 different way to conserve water, from the very obvious to the very creative, and also ways for you to be able help and spread the word. The website is also children interactive, so you can start teaching your children the importance of saving water.

    Here is a great video and link off of the site that tells Arizonians where they can start looking for to save water, and many of these ideas can be applied to anyone:


    Take a look around on the site. Check out what it says for your area of the country, and let me know what you think!

    ---Justin J. Stewart (link via Laura Stewart)