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    LINK THE LAKE - this Saturday 12.4.10, a benifit for the Fretz family, and a rememberance of bicyclists involved in road accidents

    Just a reminder for those that are in Tempe, that Link The Lake is this Saturday at the newly refilled Tempe Town Lake. Unfortunately, we cannot even talk about this blog with out talking about this event. This even is in part a response and tribute to our blog's founder, Jay Fretz, who was killed in a motor vehicle/bicycle accident on his commute home from work, a commute he had been doing for two year without a car, to try and make the environment better his daughter.

    The Not One More Foundation, focuses on education, legislation, and outreach to make Arizona drivers and cyclists more aware of cycling laws, and the idea of "sharing the road". As their name states, their goal is not complete until Not One More cyclist is hurt or killed while riding their bike due to a road accident.

    Link the Lake's goal is to get as many cyclists and cycling groups around the state of Arizona, or even the U.S. to connive upon Tempe Town Lake and literaly create a chain of bikers around the lake to show support for legislative change for cyclist safety. The event this year is also a tribute to Jay Fretz and other cyclists that have fallen this past year, or have been involved in accidents on the road. It will also help raise money and show support for the Fretz family. Angie Fretz and her daughter has shown to be a true beacon of hope, as she battles breast cancer along the loss of her husband. She has been the support of many other people (myself included), while many other people have supported her during this time. The overwhelming support of strangers, and the events like Link the Lake, has given a new faith in humanity, and the human spirit.

    If you can attend the event, I urge you too. If you can't please consider a donation to the Not One More Foundation. You can donate at the bottom of the page HERE.

    Here is a rundown of events:

    We are very excited so many are attending Link the Lake!
    Riding or driving - Meet at Tempe Beach Park by 8:30
    Between 8:30 to 9:00 AM:
    * Commemorative Link The Lake T-Shirts will be distributed
    ...* Contributions will be accepted
    * A Banner with signatures of support for Legislation for a special signature wall
    * Water & Fruit will be available
    9:00 AM Sharp - 15-20 min (Max) a brief Ceremony will Include:
    * Intro of new legislation released today by Not One More & Supporting Legislators
    * Introduction of Angela Fretz and her family
    9:15 cyclists will be dismissed to circle the lake. Upon completing the link (approximately 9:45), Angela Fretz will be on a boat circling the lake and signal cyclists that they can ride home by releasing white homing pigeons. Those who have driven to the Lake with families are welcome to ride on the bike paths to the East dam and back together, but there is no organized ride for this. All cyclists should be careful to obey all traffic laws to and from this event.

    the Facebook pages can be found here:

    and here:

     This is truly an amazing event and I hope that everyone in Tempe, and/or Arizona can attend...

     ---Justin J. Stewart