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    General Electric announces "laregest order in history" for electric vehicles via Kevin Fretz

    General Electrics has announced that that this week it will receive the "largest order in history" for their personal fleet of cars. GE does have some stake in this since they are one of the largest shareholders of the electric car battery supplier field, with their A123 lithium-ion battery system. GE's current fleet consists of 45,000 vehicles, and they expect that half of the vehicles will end up being electric vehincles. All though the average consumer is still warming up to the idea of electric vehicles, large businesses see the future cost-cutting benefits of using electric vehicles in their fleet. This is a bold and refreshing step to see large businesses helping spur on electric car growth.

    Article from here:

    GE's 'Largest Order in History' To Boost Electric-Car Market

    ---Justin J. Stewart (link via Kevin Fretz)