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    Something has to be said, so I'll make it year later

    On year ago one of the most tragic environmental travesties started to set in motion in the Gulf of Mexico. For months we watched as the Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform spewed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. After numerous failed attempts, the leak was eventually stopped, but the damage had been done.

    For much of the public, this is where the story ended. There were months of outrage against BP and the Administration, the past Administration, and pretty much anyone else that had some sort of part in this whole mess. We saw live congressional hearings that taught us nothing, and saw pictures of oiled birds, dead dolphins, and oi balls on beaches. But then something amazing happened, the oil well was plugged, and the problem seemed to go away in the media and in the American conscious.

    Please realize, that the problem is not gone. This post isn't to be a political rant or finger pointing, because that is not the spirit of this blog. Yet, on this day and the following months, please think aboutt the energy that you consume. How can you help us get off of oil, what can you do to tell elected officials what you think, how can you lower your own personal home oil and energy consumption. It is really easy to sit back and say the politicians aren't doing anything, but we can always look at our own products we have in our house, how we drive our car, if we drive our car, how much energy do we use at home, all of this adds up. If we can think about that today, and the coming months, we can make a difference, without the politicians, and each little step is at least a step, and many little steps can walk hundreds of miles.

    ---Justin J. Stewart